Facebook Camera Effects


At the end of 2017, Facebook publicly releases AR Studio, a bespoke platform to create camera effects for the social media app. In the last months, I've been very focused on developing Effects for several clients, as shown above. 

As a designer, the main job is building the scene using Facebook AR Studio and liasing with artists and developers to fulfil the brief discussed with the client. At this point, making sure all assets are optimised is key, as well as supporting the developer and making appropriate changes according to the creative director's view. 

On of the main difficulties of this kind of project, is the fact that AR Studio has a file size limit of 2MB, which makes the back and forth with 3D and 2D artists essential for the success of the effect. All the animated sequences, 3D models and textures have to be perfectly optimised for the platform and most of the time this job is performed by our team.

Some of the tasks I've performed in the showcased projects are:

  • Discussion of UX throughout the effect, from user opening the effect,  to final sharing screen, if appropriate. 
  • Building the scene and working hand to hand with developers and artists to provide the assets.
  • Version control and testing in multiple devices to improve performance and quality of assets.
  • Further work includes, the design of the effect logo, shown in the Facebook Camera Platform.

Role: UX Designer at The Mill

Client: Dior, Compare the Meerkat, Lidl, EA Sports - FIFA 18

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