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Lidl - Emojional Christmas

Facebook Camera Effect

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As part of the Christmas campaign for Lidl, we created and developed UK's first ever Facebook AR game, Emojional Christmas. By opening the camera within the Facebook app, users could play a little game against friends and family, matching the facial expression of falling emojis on screen as quickly as possible to score points.

As a designer during the development stage, my main role was to work with 2D and 3D designer to better provide the assets, designed in-house, to the developers. 

Some of the tasks I performed in this project were:

  • Discussion of UX throughout the game, from initial screen to final share.
  • Building the scene and working hand to hand with developers to provide the assets.
  • Version control and testing in multiple devices to improve performance and quality of assets.


Role: UX Designer at The Mill

Client: Lidl

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