Beep Beep Bop

Using the capabilities of the Sky Live device and its integrated camera, PRELOADED developed 'Beep Beep Bop,' an inventive party game crafted to encourage people to leave the couch behind and engage in a series of surreal, peculiar, and gratifying mini-games.



Lead UX Designer


Game Design

Body Tracking 







Designing for Families

The challenge we faced was to design gameplay exclusively driven by the players' body movements. In order to appeal to such a diverse audience, we adhered to its principles of "low threshold, high ceilings, and wide walls" design.

In the development process, achieving a low threshold design was crucial, especially when working with new hardware and input systems. To overcome this challenge, we conducted extensive design iterations and user-testing to tackle various UX issues. From onboarding and orientation to player setup and handling exceptional cases, the product now boasts a playful and user-friendly interface that is both elegant and easy to use.

One of the most significant accomplishments of the product is the creation of games that offer high ceilings, meaning they are accessible to everyone but also reward those with greater abilities. Beep Beep Bop encompasses five simple-to-play mechanics that enable inclusive competition while also providing opportunities for mastery through learned techniques and skills. The addition of a 5-star scoring system ensures fairness and competitiveness for all players.

Lastly, Beep Beep Bop delivers a 'wide walls' experience, recognizing the diverse preferences of different audiences when it comes to gaming. From high-intensity gameplay to challenges requiring accuracy and precise timing, Beep Beep Bop caters to a wide range of interests, making it an all-encompassing and enjoyable experience for players of all ages and abilities.