MLB AR - Home Run Derby '21

Ahead of the Home Run Derby 2021, Major League Baseball launched MLB AR, a new augmented reality app for fans to engage with the event live. The app showed real-time data visuals of home runs hit at Coors Field, as well as 3D ball trails of home runs displayed alongside Statcast metrics. Including the ball’s exit velocity, launch angle, maximum height, projected hang time, and distance.





App Design

Augmented Reality

Live Data


Major League Baseball


Nexus Studios



Designing for MLB

There were many considerations to be made within this project due to the existing brand of MLB, combined with a quick turn-around. One of the key bits, was to mainting the identity of MLB based on existing products, but to add a "video-game" feel like style. 

In order to get to the desire look, a great amount of screens were developed, in slightly different styles, so that the client could decide which bit worked best on each screen and combine them at the end. The different areas of the UI were designed as components so that it could be easily updated with new information as the event progressed. 

See some examples below.

Adding an AR Stadium

Additionally, the experience included an AR view of the stadium, where 3D trails of the home runs were displayed, feed from the live data. This view also included a collapsable panel with information about the current and past participants and a live feed from different cameras around the stadium. 

In order to allow users to make the best of the experience, a seamless onboarding screen showed visual instructions on how to use it. 

See some examples below.