The Beat Challenge

LaLiga Entertainment – comprising LaLiga, PortAventura World and Kosmos – were looking to extend the theme park experience for fans worldwide and drive visits to PortAventura World. Along with COPA90, we set out to deliver an original, immersive experience that reimagines football fan engagement and sets the precedent for the next generation of theme park experiences. 



UX Designer


App Design

AR Design

Location-Based Game


LaLiga  PortAventura World


Unit 9



The Role

As part of the UX team, I worked in defining the personas and information architecture of the app. I was involved in the research process of the project, due to my previous knowledge of the Port Aventura World and type of audience that visit it. Accompanied by the Creative Director, I visited the park to decide the best locations for the AR experiences, as well as understanding the behind the scenes of some rides and shows.

During the app production, I worked on the information architecture and user flows for before, during and after the visit. And once it got approved, I helped develop the wireframes and some reusable components to be used across the app.

Due to being close to the park, I was able to perform in-person User Testing of the first prototypes with real visitors of the park. With these findings, I defined the design response and the changes needed with the UX Lead.  

The Execution

Unit9 created a world-first entertainment experience that elevates the in-park experience to a whole new level. The Beat Challenge drops the excitement of PortAventura World and LaLiga into visitors’ palms and offers a hybrid gaming experience by enhancing the physical infrastructure of the park with a digital overlay.

The app leverages augmented reality and geolocation technology to bring the virtual football world to life within the theme park, engaging audiences with their physical surroundings. Guided and challenged by 200ft tall AR footballers, such as Gerard Piqué, Karim Benzema and Jan Oblak, users are able to unlock and play different football-themed games in each area of the park, encouraging them to discover an evolving immersive experience like no other.

(by: Unit9)



We created 40 different mini-challenges within the experience, with players able to put their defense, dribble and shooting skills to the test, as well as track their progress on an interactive map. Users can also customise their own avatar to represent them in the virtual football world, with new features and collectibles available the more they explore. 

The Beat Challenge user journey actually begins at home, with a teaser giving audiences the option to try the games in training mode. This tutorial gives a taste of what’s to come and acts as a driver to encourage fans to visit the park and complete the full Beat Challenge experience