Critical Dialogues

Critical Dialogues seeks to understand and shape future applications of advanced digital technologies. Can asking better questions lead to a brighter future?
Digital Catapult
UX Design, Web Design

Working with Nexus Studios, I designed the website based on the Critical Dialogues installation with the purpose of bringing the physical experience to everyone's home.
The main role was taking the designs that were present on the physical installation to a multi-device responsive experience that anyone could use. Agreeing to the user journey, adapting the experience to website

When developing these effects, each project might be slightly different. However, as the Designer, my tasks stay mostly the same. The main task has been to keep the essence of the initial concepts into the final product, by working as a liaison between Technical Artists & Developers, prototyping some features to be further developed later or creating and optimising assets for production.
Optimising for
Social Media
The key and most important aspect of this type of projects is optimisation. The beauty of Social Media AR is the fact that anyone with a mobile device with the Facebook or Instagram app, can have access to a very sophisticated technology, such as face tracking, plane detection and much more.  
In order for all of this features to work, effects have to be optimised to work perfectly on all range of devices.The optimisation affects the way assets are created but also, how the user experience is designer and developed.