Giffgaff gives back

Suite of assets for the latest giffgaff campaign.
Graphic Design, Illustration, TV Campaign

For the "giffgaff gives back" campaing, I worked with Stink Studios to produce a suite of assets in line with the brand, to be used in a variety of platforms.

The main role was to create storyboards for the different versions of each video, social layouts for the social media posts, web skins to be used on the giffgaff homepage and a suite of custom-made emojis that would illustrate the voice narration in the TVC.

Tasks I've Performed
Create concepts and prototypes for client sign-off

Discussion of the user journey and interaction, from effect opening to sharing screen.

Setting up the visual aspects of the effect and working closely with developers as they build the functionality.

Creating 2D and simple 3D assets and liaising with technical artists to optimise them

In some cases, developing some features, either using Javascript or the visual node editor.

Version control and testing in multiple devices to improve performance and quality of assets.

In some instances, designing the effect logo and publishing to Facebook or Instagram on behalf of the client.